Renaud's “La Défense dans la Rue”

A comprehensive text on tactics and techniques, written in 1912.
Coup de pied de pointe

This text is a very detailed (over 400 pages) discussion of the application of “combat sports” to defence against street ruffians, assuming that the reader is already experienced in various component arts or will seek out tuition from experts in these distinct arts and then combine them himself. There is also some advice for those who lack training in particular areas.

The text is available here as a reprint in the original French, and as far as we are aware there has been no complete translation into English. However, various sections have been translated and links to some off-site translations can be found below (we would like to thank the translators):

In addition, we have some translated sections of our own. These are made freely available under the Creative Commons license in PDF format, and can be downloaded below. The translation is incomplete but more will be added as time permits.

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