Before buying any equipment please seek advice from one of the instructors. Some example supppliers and equipment are listed below.


If you fancy reading up on the subjects to be covered in LSD classes then the original texts are available. Or, you could try this excellent book..

Protective equipment

  • Mandatory: members are expected to obtain this equipment at their earliest convenience. You may not participate in the assault without this equipment. We have a small supply of equipment to lend to new members.
    • Fencing Mask — 3 weapon mask rated at at least 350N.
    • Fencing Jacket — rated at least 350 N for small-sword, 800+ N recommended for back-sword.
    • Indoor shoes — Hi-Tech squash shoes are cheap and very serviceable.
    • Gloves/lightweight gauntlets, leather or sport fencing.
    • Unarmed sparring mask with face protector.
    • MMA gloves.
    • Cricket box/Support.
  • Recommended: we strongly suggest that members obtain these, particularly for fencing in any sort of tournament.
    • Plastron
    • Gorget in leather, metal or plastic.
    • Fencing breeches rated at 350 N



  • A double-wide or steam epeé with a French grip. NB. a pistol grip is entirely unsuitable.
    • Zen Warrior Armoury (USA) do a selection of smallsword hilts at reasonable prices. Postage and customs charges can bump up the price.
    • Leon Paul offer a good range of fencing equipment, including the required components to assemble a “fleuret”.
    • Allstar Fencing provide good quality equipment at reasonable prices. They have good sizing information.



The uniform of the Linacre School of Defence consists of dark trousers, a white polo top and a red fleece (these items, plus patches, can be obtained from the instructors). If you can get them, Leon Paul's tracksuit trousers are recommended.

We do not rigidly enforce uniform requirements, but an effort to conform to the rather loose guidelines is appreciated.

Attending a Class

Current training times and charges:

  • Mondays, 6-7pm, pugilism.
  • Thursdays, 8-10pm, fencing.

Please arrive at the class at least 5 minutes beforehand so that we may start promptly.

The fee is £3 per hour (therefore £6 for a fencing session), paid in cash immediately after the class, with an additional £20 per year membership fee (this includes insurance from the BCA). Please bring pound coins to the weekly session!

Alternatively, instead of paying cash after the class members may pay £26 per month by standing order to have access to all sessions.

If you're interested in a class then please email before coming along. The first two sessions are free.

The venue is The University Club, here. For your first session you'll need to bring this form along.

Exercise clothing such as tracksuit trousers and a T-shirt is required, as are clean shoes for indoor use only. Squash shoes would be a good and cheap choice. Other equipment will be provided for beginners.