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To the AUTHOR,

Upon his Publishing this New and Easy, as well as Most Useful Method of Fencing.

Nature and Art with all their Pow'rs combine,
To make thy Name for Skill in Fencing shine.
O'er all the Nation, the shrill trump of Fame,
Shall found the growing Glories of thy Name.
O'er all the Nation, nay, o'er all the World,
In Renown's Chariot, shall thy name be whirl'd.
No Pestilential Blasts, from Putird lungs,
Tho' dissipated by more pois'nous Tongues;
Shall Blast thy Name, No! thy renown by Fame,
Shall soar on High, and Eternize HOPE's Name,
For this Essay; by which thou do'st impart
Secrets, till now unknown, of thy Great Art.
Whereby Our Youth are taught, with Ease and Skill,
To Defend Life and Honour more, as Kill.
This! many times, is an Unlucky PART.
But to Defend; not Kill; That! That is ART.
May then the Reader, wholly Trust Thy WORD;
And by this Method, Boldly wield his SWORD.